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REMOTE Reporting App

Companion App to REACT. REMOTE allows your tenants or customers to report incidents directly to you.

There are many benefits and features to our REMOTE Reporting App, we have listed our favourite 7 below.

Naturally, we would love you to contact us and see them all.



Custom branding

Customise the REMOTE Reporting App with your logo and branding so tenants and customers recognise and trust its use. Enable your own organisational contact information and privacy policy.


Custom questions.

Defined unlimited customised questions and ensure your tenants and customers provide the answers that you need.



Reporting of incidents.

Allow tenants and customers to self-serve by reporting incidents directly into your REACT solution. What, where and when all captured along with video, photos, sound or any other evidence.


Collect all types of evidence.

Capture the evidence and report later or report whilst capturing the evidence. Tenants and customers have the flexibility to report incidents after they happen not just during.



Two-way communication.

Once an REMOTE incident becomes a case in REACT, communicate with the tenant or customer via the app. Keep them up to date on the case or receive further information from them directly.


Seamless REACT integration.

Incidents generated by the REMOTE Reporting app seamlessly flow into your REACT solution where officers are notified of new 'Pending Notes'. These notes contain all the answers to the questions asked and include the any attached evidence submitted.



Easy report progression.

Whilst the app records and submits the incidents, REACT then takes over. Officers can examine the 'Pending Notes' archive them with no action, create a new case from a note or attach a note to an existing case.

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