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We’re helping to build safer communities

REACT was developed in 2005 by Electronic Business Systems (EBS) who have a history of developing specific solutions to industry issues.

After identifying the need for a comprehensive solution within the social housing sector for managing and collating information on the growth problem of antisocial behaviour and Community Safety, EBS teamed up with a local registered social landlord to develop such a solution.

In 2020, what started off as a bespoke solution for a client, had grown to become a hugely successful solution and brand in Social Housing. REACT  had become so successful that Jason Tullah (Managing Director of EBS) decided the time was right for it to stand on its own and independently of EBS and announced that REACT's new home would be, Case Management Solutions Group Limited. 


With the new version of REACT (V5) wowing both new and existing users, CMSG now focuses on the exciting development roadmap we have for the product which will further reinforce our market leading status.  

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