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Using our integration tools, our clients integrate REACT with many other in-house or back-office systems. Whether its your Housing Management System, your CRM or your Tenant Web Portal our API or Web Popping solution will add another dimension to your service offering.



URL Popping.

Simple and effective integration for your Housing Management System, CRM or other applications. URL Popping enables access to unique and specifically designed REACT pages which can be ‘popped’ open within, or from, your HMS/CRM. This technology enables all teams to have quick and easy access to REACT information without having to load up the application. Naturally security is key, and URL Popping is via an automatic and secure log in.



Up until the advent of Web services, integration (the exchange of data among computer applications) was extremely limited or cumbersome. The power of REACT Web Services (RWS) enables applications to simply and securely talk to REACT regardless of where they are, what they are written in and what platform they belong to. It allows your organisation to use the ‘Best of Breed’ ASB application, confident that it will update or integrate very easily into all your other 3rd party applications.

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