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Software for a safer life

REACT Case Management.

REACT is the product of choice for 100's of organisations across the UK and Ireland for the management of all forms of community safety concerns. Developed over many years with the feedback and help of hundreds of organisations and thousands of real case officers.

Amongst the many ways our clients use REACT are,

  • Antisocial behaviour

  • Domestic violence

  • Safeguarding

  • Troubled families

  • Vandalism

  • Hoarding

  • Mediation services

  • General Complaints

  • Tenancy Fraud 

  • Tenancy Sustainment

  • Independence and wellbeing

  • Public Spaces Protection Orders

  • Estate Management

  • Cuckooing

Whilst there are so many of benefits and features to a REACT Solution, we have listed our favourite 15 below.

Naturally, we would love you to contact us and see them all.


Multiple Business Areas.

Multiple business areas

As standard, a single REACT solution allows teams to simultaneously manage multiple business areas. Teams that manage services such as ASB, tenancy fraud, safeguarding, domestic violence, tenancy sustainment, general complaints or others, can all use one solution. Each business area can have its own labels, terminology, workflow and reporting.


Fully Configurable.

REACT will match your organisations policy and procedure using flexible user-configurable labels, dropdowns, and workflow. Use the terminology your staff recognise and the case processes your organisation trusts.

Fully configurable



Individual records.

REACT synchronises with your Housing Management or CRM system, ensuring tenant or customer data is correct and current. Information such as profiles, notes, relationships and even photographs can be held. Risk assessments and individual satisfaction ensure a comprehensive and complete individual record is available.



REACT provides multiple contacts for each  role and also allows for multiple incidents per case. Case workflow can be predefined, user driven or even triggered by other case actions or individuals risk. Extensive notes, attached evidence, costs, and satisfaction can all be recorded. A powerful case audit trail captures everything.

Powerful case management


Mail merge documents

Mail Merge.

Import all your existing Word based documentation, including your standard letters. Set up REACT mail merge to use case data automatically within your communications saving officers huge amounts of time.

Many of our clients have previously attempted to use CRM systems, Housing Management Systems and generic in-house developed bespoke solutions and have ultimately reached the conclusion that this is neither an achievable nor cost-effective long-term solution.


Forms, Assessments & Surveys.

Design and create unlimited useful customer forms, assessments and surveys such as Risk Assessments and Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Print and send or simply email them. Recipients can complete them online which automatically collects and reports on them in REACT.



Comprehensive reporting


Our reporting and drilldown functionality allows powerful data 'deep dives' to gather the data that matters most to you. Comprehensive filters and criteria selection ensures you pinpoint the exact information you need. Data is easily exported to Excel for further manipulation or presentation.


Comprehensive Searching.

Create system-wide or user specific searches. Easily construct complex data queries, name them, save them and use them whenever you need. Search across every part of REACT for any piece of information.

Comprehensive Searching


Pending Notes.

Pending note capture

Our unique 'Pending Note' repository is a virtual 'pot' of information that flows into REACT from external sources. Whether the note is generated from our REMOTE Reporting App, your own web form or any other source using our API it lands here. Officers can then assess, archive or progress it to a new or existing case.


Audit Trail.

REACT boasts a powerful set of audit trails allowing visibility of every interaction with a case. View the data before and after it was amended, who amended it and when. There are audit trails on each case, each officer, in addition to a full system wide trail.

Powerful Audit Trail

Given the specialised nature of community safety case management, non-specialised applications are unable to be ‘bent’ or ‘stretched’ to provide the functionality that properly fits the needs and wishes of the actual case workers themselves.


Attach all evidence

Attach Evidence

Attach all types of evidence to the case. Whether video, photographs, sound files or any other type of document, REACT will store them all. There is no limit to the amount, size or type of documents stored.


Intelligent Data

REACT doesn't just store your data, but intelligently interprets it. Case Insights continually analyse your data and provide valuable notifications and alerts which officers can act upon. Users can customise their own dashboard to see the insights that matter to them. 

Statistics & insights


Built in GDPS toolkit

GDPR Tools

REACT's suite of built in tools caters for data deletion and individual anonymisation based upon your own data retention policy. Subject access requests, data de-duplication and a whole host of other tools make adhering to GDPR policies easy.


Multi-browser, multi-device.

REACT is designed for mobile working. Use REACT on a laptop, tablet or phone. It also supports all mainstream browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

Cross device, cross browser
Security as standard


Safe and secure.

Naturally, security comes first. REACT has many security features built in, such as password authentication, defined format and limited logon attempts. Two-factor authentication is also available via app or email.

Commonality of recording, reconciling & case management

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