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Introducing: the REMOTE reporting app.

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

The REMOTE Reporting app is the new companion app for REACT which empowers your tenants to report any type of community safety incident with any form of accompanying evidence. Read more.

Empower your tenants

REMOTE puts the power to report any incident of community safety in the hands of your tenants. The app has been designed for tenants to have the flexibility to report an incident after it has happened using media captured when the incident occurred, in addition to capturing evidence whilst the incident is being reported. Whether the complaint has photographs, video, sounds or any other media, it can all be attached and sent with the incident details.

Empower your officers

Incidents reported using REMOTE seamlessly appear within REACT in our unique 'Pending Note' external communication holding bank. Officers can then inspect the incident reports and decide on a choice of actions. If the report is judged non-actionable, it can be safely archived with a relevant reason, ensuring audit compliance. Archived 'Pending Notes' can be viewed and resurrected at a future date should it ever become necessary. Officers can progress a 'Pending Note' incident to a new case or attach it to an existing case if known. Once a note has been used to create a case, future incidents, evidence or communications will automatically update the case without the need for officer intervention.

Improve your relationship with your tenants

With simple, easy and flexible incident reporting your tenants communication is enhanced, improved and streamlined. With REACT and REMOTE talking to each other seamlessly, your tenant gets updates on their reported incidents, case progression and also closed cases. Improving your communication will undoubtedly enhance your tenants perception of your service delivery.

Customer Branding

The REMOTE reporting app can be custom branded with your organisations logo and contact details giving your tenants confidence to use the app knowing their reported incidents are going directly to their housing provider.

Customer Questions

In addition to the 'What', 'Where' and 'When' incident questions, REMOTE has the ability for you to define as many further questions as you wish. With unlimited information captured exactly as you need it, REMOTE will deliver the answers you need to best act upon your tenants issue.

iOS and Android

Available on both Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store, your tenants can simply download the app when they need it. Easy, quick and simple to set up, your tenants will have the confidence to report incidents in no time.

Contact us for further information and a demonstration

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